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down syndrome and me

Sports & Activities

Children with Down syndrome may need some extra support and encouragement to participate in sports. They may also benefit from some exercises and activities that target their core stability, shoulder stability, arm and hand strength, balance, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. These can help them improve their physical abilities and prepare them for more challenging sports

down syndrome and me
down syndrome and me

Horse Riding 

Horse riding is an excellent activity for people with down syndrome; it provides sensory stimulation for muscles and joints and helps to support the development of balance and movement. The sensory activity is very tactile, as it often includes stroking, hugging and patting the horse. 


down syndrome and me

With jax's poor balance and coordination this is definitely the best sport for him.
He is learning so much and is improving so many important skills too like coordination, balance, speed, agility, and flexibility.

crown kickboxing
down syndrome and me
down syndrome and me


"Gymnastics is a very popular sport for people with Down’s syndrome, especially those at a younger age. DSActive have been working with British Gymnastics to help train coaches on how best to support people with Down’s syndrome in to gymnastics"

British gymnastics

Persons with Down’s syndrome Atlanto-Axial screening information sheet

from @down syndrome Scotland  as BG is working on their website.


All participants who have Down’s syndrome and wish to participate in gymnastics activity (including trampoline), are required to be screened under the following guidelines. Please note that this document is applicable to Gymnastics and Trampoline activities that are registered to British Gymnastics: These guidelines have been prepared to assist coaches to understand the medical screening requirements for gymnasts with Down’s syndrome. The aim of the screening is to provide access to gymnastics and trampolining for everyone who can benefit from involvement in this sport and who are at no greater risk than other gymnasts. All gymnasts with Down’s syndrome must have approval from British Gymnastics before any participation in gymnastics or trampoline is permitted

Soft play & Role play

down syndrome and me
  • Developing gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and balance

  • Encouraging physical activity, exploration, and imagination

  • Learning social skills like sharing, communicating, and cooperating

  • Developing independence, creativity, and problem-solving abilities

  • Playing safely in a group setting with toys and obstacles

  • Meeting other parents and making new friends

down syndrome and me
down syndrome and me

Role play of going to the doctors really helped Jax be prepared for check ups. Children with ds can have a lot of medical appointments and getting them prepared by playing out standard things like checking ears ,throat and breathing ect can really help.

down syndrome and me
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