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Who's behind the website

Hi I am Sarah and this is my son Jax. 

We are from Derbyshire in the UK. 

We have made this website to help people find where they need to go.

Everything put in one place so its not overwhelming scrolling site after site for what you need. 

Finding other families on social media really helped us. You find people who you can relate to and people who can help.

Please have a browse through our topics and see relevant information and links to charities and resources you may need.

down syndrome and me, uk, what is down syndrome support down syndrome features characteristics

Below are some links to some small businesses ran by people with ds or their family or friends

blue star design

link to our Instagram account

Support Small

Are people with ds always happy ?

No we are all individuals with individual personalities.

We experience the same emotions as everyone does

Pictures taken by @nicolelouisephotography please click facebook link for her page

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