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FOD Ds & Autism 

tatty and george

Down syndrome does not have a spectrum 

People with Down Syndrome have ds with common ailments such as hypotonia, heart issues, low immune systems, and learning disabilities.


Then some can be born with extra conditions such as Adhd, autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy.

Out of 400 babies born with ds ....

70 % had ds with common conditions 

30 % had ds with extra medical conditions

Meet George & Tatty

Tatty: Because we have had many new followers recently, I thought I would write a quick post about why I am writing this blog. When you are in the Down’s syndrome community and you look on Facebook and Instagram, you see many posts where people with DS are talking about what they have achieved, where they have been and what they have done, what they have experienced and how full their lives are. These posts are wonderful and I am always happy to read them and see the wonderful accompanying photographs. But there is a section of our worldwide community that is not talked about as much. Because it’s not as popular and because it’s also hard for that young person, who cannot self advocate, to tell the world about themselves! So how do we get to hear about the lives of these people? The ones who we may describe as having severe learning disabilities. People like George, who has DS/ASD and cannot speak, cannot write, cannot use technology, can’t dress or wash independently, needs adult support with absolutely everything – his world revolves around the here and now, around striving for happiness, comfort, contentment and love. His experiences and those of his peers who are like him, are just as important and valuable and just as worthy. But someone has to speak for them because they often cannot. So that’s why I do it. I try to enter his world, see things from his perspective and speak on his behalf. I hope I have the right to do this, and I do it with great respect to George. He cannot give me permission, but it sits well with me because I do it with boundless love, to raise awareness and also to help people with similar lives to ours not to feel isolated. Even though our family life is full of challenges, difficulties, differences and obstacles, it is still a good life. A life that I am constantly grateful for, a life that proves that love can conquer all.

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