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Pixie loves being out doors. She also loves dressing up and playing with her friends at nursery


  • Learning new skills

  • Building confidence

  • Making friends

  • Preparing them for school

down syndrome and me

Being at nursery or play groups can really help some children develop further with skills they are struggling with. Unfortunately our kids will be prone to catch viruses more often due to low immune systems, so they may need more time off than most 

down syndrome and me
down syndrome and me

lola loves school dinners,swimming lessons and playtime

down syndrome and me


Oliver likes maths & reading at school


"Children with Down syndrome all go to special needs schools"


Everyone with down syndrome is individual and has different strengths and weaknesses like everybody else does. 

What's important is that the child goes to a school that is right for them. However today many children with ds go to mainstream school. Like jax, he is thriving there. I've spoken before how jax is a visual learner, he likes to copy others too, so the other children really help jax to learn new skills.

So in October 2021 I made these for jax's year at school . There's around 90 children in that year and he pretty much knows them all .

This was made for the children to help understand but also for parents so they could learn a bit about him to.

The general feedback was that the kids hadn't even noticed any difference in jax at all . Which I suppose at 5/6 years old is standard.

Some parents was happy to have got it as they felt they couldn't approach us with questions as it felt rude to ask
The question about jax being a baby came from me over hearing a child innocently asking their mom why jax was in a pram and was he a baby .
I think this stems from a general thing we tell kids as they grow and they want their pram but are told no your a big boy/girl now, not a baby.
The mom looked embarrassed and shushed the child. I wanted to give the words to parents so they could explain to the children in future if it was asked.
It really helps for kids to learn why other children are in pushchairs or wheelchairs to know why, and that asking questions is a good thing.

So please feel free to use this for your child , I never came up with this I seen it on an account of a child in the USA on Facebook and amended it.

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